Light „Wall“

Light up your wall with your own photos.
Sales price 60,00 CHF

Bilder Upload:

This type of luminaire is equipped with an LED bulb (included in the price).

Format:height 300 mm, width 310 m

Image data: For printing, we need a high-resolution JPG or PDF file (CMYK color mode).

Remark: Resolution of image data at least 300 dpi, print format 1:1

Image section: The image you selected for the wall luminaire should always be a landscape format and the image section to be taken in the middle of the overall picture.

Equipment: manufactured with 8x clip eyelets, socket incl. Connection set with rocker switch, fully assembled (CE-tested), incl. LED illuminant, the luminaires are assembled, packaged in ready-to-ship boxes.

Material: white transparent / opal, 100% recyclable, 0.8 mm (B1 certified)

Weight: Lamp 0.400 kg, shipping container, 0.500 kg., Total shipping weight 0.900 kg.

Delivery times: In order to produce your luminaires optimally, we require about 10 working days from the order.

Presentation of the luminaires: All Prilight luminaires should only be exhibited and presented well protected from humidity indoors or outdoors.

Extra information:

The image you selected for the Prilight luminaires Mini, Wand, Standard and the Display's should always be a landscape format and the picture section should be taken in the middle of the overall picture.

With the Quadro luminaire, you can upload 3 or 4 different portrait pictures or you can use a single cross-section.

For the Prilight luminaires Interior, Dimmi and Switch, please use high-format images and make sure that the image section is placed in the middle of the overall picture.

Please note that during zooming, the image resolution may be reduced and the quality of the data may be adversely affected. Use image data such as (JPG, PDF) in the highest possible resolution and insert it in our order process (image upload).

For reasons of economy and safety, we only use LED bulbs.

If you have not read this, we will contact you in case of doubt by mail to deliver you a perfect product.

In the shop different Prilight lights with different sujet's can be ordered in one go. From a larger order quantity, we recommend that you contact us in advance by mail.

Please send us your concerns and needs by mail. We will contact you as soon as possible and present you with an optimal solution.

Units in box: 1